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Welcome to TreeRatz Gaming!

We are revolutionizing your gaming experience with our socially immersive play-and-earn game, Nutz of Fury. Your AAA arena shooter built on Unreal engine; it doesn't get any better than this! Prepare for endless fun and trash talk on the Ethereum blockchain with your fellow TreeRatz friends and community members as you play in-game as your very own unique TreeRatz NFT! The only place you can earn $NUTZ with your friends.

Treeratz Gaming

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Meet Treeratz

Welcome to the world of Treeratz! These fierce forest warriors are on a mission to protect their homeland, and now you can join in the fight: Nutz of Fury! Join our community of 777 TreeRatz OGs to enjoy exclusive perks and be a part of crafting the vibrant and extremely violent ecosystem where you can play, collect, and trade your favorite TreeRatz NFTS. Come earn your $NUTZ and get ready to fill your sack in an adventure you won't find anywhere else, welcome to TreeRatz gaming!

Nutz of Fury

Welcome to Nutz of Fury, a heart stopping 3rd person arena shooter on the Ethereum Blockchain! With in game chat, enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience with all your friends. Step into the action and play as your very own Unique TreeRatz NFT Character, wielding your traits as weapons that will make you absolutely unstoppable. Get ready to rule the forest and unleash your fury to dominate the battlefield like never before!

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TreeRatz Og 777 Mint

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Phase 1 - Minting begins 7/28/23

Mint Price: 0.025 ETH

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Meet the Team



"At one with the forest ommm..."

Cultured Swine


"The Matrix stuff"


Community Manager

"Mama Squirrel runs the Squad"


Web Dev

"Tadaaah! I did this"


Artist / Designer

"Scribble scribble"

EZ Breezy

Financial Manager

"Handles the $Nutz"

Tommy B


"Big ole pile of $Nutz"



"Raided her secret stash"

Nutz of Fury

Chapter 1 - Og Exclusive Access Only Coming in Discord!
Nutz of Fury

Embark on an immersive journey starting with the release of 777 TreeRatz, the OGs, where you, as the first of 7,777 valued members, can revel in exclusive privileges within our vibrant community and thrilling in-game adventures! Embrace the opportunity to become a vital part of our meticulously crafted ecosystem, where gameplay, collection, and trading seamlessly intertwine, empowering you to fully engage with and increase value for your remarkable TreeRatz. Grab your $NUTZ and unlock unique abilities that enhance the value of your NFTs!

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Sit tight!

Our team is still working on the $NUTZ and bolts.